ONECOIN REVOLUTION : Bitcoin Sussess Story

You must be thinking what is onecoin? what is onecoin revolution?  You might have heard about bitcoin before & it’s success story. Onecoin & Bitcoin are Cryptocurrencies (digital currencies).

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Very few of us were aware about Bitcoin. Bitcoin was launched in 2009.The price of bitcoin was less than 0.01$(less than Rs.1) during the launch period. Price grew up slowly but steadily till 2012 & reached $13(Rs.850) .

bitcoin price graph

The wow moment came at the end of 2013. Bitcoin price skyrocketed to $1000(Rs. 65000). Now imagine how much people have earned who had invested in bitcoin around 2009 to 2012. They became millionaires. This way Bitcoin created so many millionaires.

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So those who have missed Bitcoin opportunity to became a millionaire have another much bigger opportunity at there doorstep in the form of ONECOIN.

ONECOIN REVOLUTION : Onecoin Sussess Story

Onecoin was launched in 2014. Price during the launch was around Eur 0.1(Rs.7.5). Since then it is growing steadily. The current price of onecoin is Eur 6.95(Rs.521). It is already growing much faster than Bitcoin. It is expected that it will beat price of Bitcoin. So,those who invest in Onecoin early will get huge returns.

OneCoin Price Graph


Currently Onecoin Value = Eur 6.95

You can check onecoin value on site

onecoin revolution

Before taking any decision about onecoin, please go through our ONECOIN REVIEW.


I hope that you have read our onecoin review page & you are ready for this opportunity. All your questions about onecoin concept will be answered in this video. Just Click on below image & watch the video. This video explains you about onecoin opportunity in less than 15 min. So listen to this video carefully coz it may change your life. Get ready. Stay tuned to it. Once you watch the video come back to this site to know more about Onecoin opportunity.

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onecoin opportunity

ONECOIN OPPORTUNITY : Investment & Business

There are many ways to make money in onecoin. But,broadly there are two types of opportunities to make money in onecoin.

  • A) Onecoin Investment:

    First one & important one is applicable to every individual. one has to invest certain amount today & purchase onecoins. Keep them in your account till the time they reach certain value. Then sell them in oecoin exchange & book huge profit. Below chart we will give you overall idea about the growth on onecoin.

    onecoin revolution

  • Onecoin Double Your Money Instantly:

    Onecoin doubles your money within few days. You must be thinking,Is it REAL? The answer is yes, it is real but not exactly. When you purchase a package you receive tokens from onecoin as shown in below image.onecoin revolution

    These are used for mining onecoins. Mining is simple & is done with few clicks of mouse. Their is set criteria after which these tokens are split i.e.your tokens will be doubled. Refer following image. When split barometer reaches 100% (currently It is 17% on 5th sept 2016) split will take place & your tokens will be doubled

    onecoin revolution

  • Let’s take an example: Suppose you purchase trader package which costs Eur 550 or Rs 49300. You will receive 5000 Tokens. For trader package, You are eligible for 1 split that means when split barometer reaches 100% your tokens will be 5000 X 2 = 10000. Recently split takes place near about 3 months.
  • While writing this post mining difficulty level in 70. That means you will require 70 tokens for mining 1 Onecoin
  • No of Onecoins ( Without Split) = 5000 (tokens) / 70 (mining difficulty) = 71.42 Onecoins.
  • No of Onecoins ( With Split) = 10000 (tokens) / 70 (mining difficulty) = 142.85 Onecoins.
  • This way your investment gets doubled in just few days.

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  • Onecoin Earning Potential:

    We will continue our above example to understand the earning potential on onecoin.  Current value of onecoin is 6.95 Euro

  •  Total value of your onecoin is 6.95 X 142.85 = 992 Euro (You have invested 550 Euro)    As per predictions & onecoin growth it will reach around 100 Eur in next few yrs
  • Your onecoin value at that stage will be 100 X 142.85 = 14285 Eur = 12.14 Lac Rs 
  • The way onecoin is growing it will beat Bitcoin. Highest price of bitcoin was Eur 800. So just imagine how your investment will grow even if onecoin reaches to the level of Bitcoin.
  • It will be 800 X 142.85 = 114280 Eur = 97.13 Lac Rs.

Tip : Look to invest for a long term (i.e. more that 5 yrs). This is not compulsory but to make huge profit you have look for long term investment.

Those are interested for investment create your account now & those interested in business, please keep on reading. Big business opportunity is waiting for you.

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Package details of onecoin are mentioned below

onecoin revolution

  • B) Onecoin Business:

    Second one is not for all the people. This is for the people who are convinced that onceoin is a great opportunity to make money. And now they want to help their friends, colleagues, relatives to grab this opportunity before it is too late. While doing this you will earn an extra income.

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